The cuts agenda really seems to be dominating the news at present. Services that we have known are no longer there; police and armed forces face compulsory redundancies for the first time ever and we are told that there is more to come.



The Government recognises that the Church does good work in the community. It also recognises that if you have given money to the Church, you have not had the benefit of that money. So, they will give the tax that you have paid to the Church in order to recognise your generosity and the work that will be done with the money that you have given. The scheme applies to any one who pays income tax or capital gains tax, provided the amount they pay or have deducted in UK income tax or capital gains tax at least equals the amount the Church will claim in the tax year.



Over the coming weeks we are all being asked to review our giving. Those who do pay income tax (and most of us do – it is one of life’s certainties!) are also asked to review how they give.


Standing Order or envelope, coupled with a Gift Aid declaration, will enable your gift to increase by 25%. If your tax position changes, so if you no longer pay tax, please contact the parish office and the scheme, for you, will stop. And, if you pay a higher rate tax you can claim tax relief on your donations.


The scheme is simple and straightforward and is the only way that you can tell the Government how to spend the money that you have paid in.