Parish of Cumber Upper & Learmount



Serving the Churches of Saint Patrick's, Claudy, & Saint Joseph's, Craigbane.


Rev David O'Kane PP 9, Church Street, Claudy, Co Derry BT47 4AA

Telephone: 028 7133 7727


Following the Parish Assembly held on 11th September 2011,

the following have been elected/co-opted as members of the PPC:-

PRESIDENT – Rev David O’Kane;

CHAIRPERSON - Clement Lynch;


SECRETARY - Pat McMenamin;

Mena Crossan; Philip Crossan; Catherine Kelly; Sharon Cartin;

Clement Kerlin; Tom McDermott; Siobhan McKeever; Louis Peoples.



The Parish Pastoral Council is a group of Lay people within the Parish who with the Priest(s) are involved in pastoral and parish initiatives. They are invoved in decison making, discussion and the organisation of Parish events. They may also provide support to the other groups in the Parish at special times in the Church calendar eg. Lent, Easter & Christmas time.


The period of office shall be 3 years. No member shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms but shall be eligible for re-election subsequently. After the initial term, 4 members shall retire each year in rotation and 4 more co-opted on to the PPC.




Following a Training weekend at Ards, Co Donegal on 21 – 23 October 2011, an introductory meeting was held on 6 December 2011 to discuss relevant aspects of parish pastoral care. The results of the recent parish survey will be the basis for taking forward issues. The PPC does not work in isolation; it will liaise with all stakeholders within the parish in an effort to utilise all available resources/expertise within the parish.


The minutes from the Parish Pastoral Council meetings are updated to the website as soon as they are received at the parish office.



Saint Patrick's Church, 9, Church Street, Claudy BT47 4AA

Saint Joseph's Church, Slieveboy Road, Claudy, Co Derry BT47 4AS