The Association would like to welcome all our Young Pioneers who were recently enrolled.  We hope to make this an annual event for children who have made their Confirmation.  Anyone interested in becomming a Pioneer please contact the Parish Office - Tel 7133 7727.



Any adult over 16 who has abstained from alcohol for at least one year in the immediate prior period may apply for lifelong membership.  Lifelong Pioneers commit to doing three things:Abstain from all alcoholic drink; Wear the Pioneer emblem; Recite the Pioneer prayer twice daily.



Juvenile Pioneers are children aged eight to eleven years who, with the consent of their parents, take a pledge of total abstinence from alcoholic drink until an agreed age, typically 18. In addition they agree to wear the pioneer badge and to say the Juvenile pioneer prayer twice daily.



Young Pioneers are 12 years and over and take a pledge of total abstinence from alcoholic drink. This may be until 18. Regardless of what age a Young pioneer takes the pledge of abstinence from alcoholic drink, in addition they take a promise to keep off drugs for life. As with all Pioneers they promise to wear the pioneer badge and to say the youth pioneer prayer twice daily.



Some people wish to make a commitment to abstain from alcohol for a limited period of their life. This may be as a prelude to becoming a full pioneer or it may simply be a sacrifice for a particular period.  Many people for example take a pledge for the Lenten period.  This may be renewed as frequently as is wished.  People who have made a limited pledge promise to say the Pioneer prayer twice daily for the period of the pledge.


PIONEER MAGAZINE – The Pioneer magazine is available on a monthly basis.  It contains many different articles with something to appeal to all ages.   If you would like to receive a copy please contact the parish office.

DERRY REGIONAL PIONEER COUNCIL wish to thank all those parishioners who contributed so very generously to the All Ireland Pioneer collection.